BRUSSELS SPROUTS ARE THE BOMB! YES! I said it! Brussels sprouts rock! I used to hate them.  They had a bad rap for so many years. WHY?  Because they were cooked to mush by our well-meaning moms and had an unpleasant flavor. The family dog wouldn't even eat them. I'm fairly sure most of us … Continue reading SHAVED BRUSSELS SPROUTS


When I was a kid my mom made stuffed green peppers. I always like the filling but hated the actual pepper. It was green, tough and had a horrible flavor. When I started cooking I found a decent recipe in the classic Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.  I learned a few tricks  like parboil your … Continue reading STUFFED POBLANO PEPPERS


You wouldn’t know it from looking at me, I’m a long distance runner and lift weights consistently, but I love baking! I love baking so much that I love to win prizes for it.  And not cash prizes, but ribbons. Because I always share my entries, I’ll share my winning recipes too. But, first, let … Continue reading RIBBONS AND RECIPES