We all have those days when we think we can’t get our workout in. But what about a day or two of rest?It’s difficult for me to  give my body well earned rest. I know as a fitness professional it’s important. Why? You’re body needs the down time to repair itself.

In order to get my training in I create charts that keep my workouts on target.  My charts always have at least one day of rest included. It’s that important. I’ve started to look forward to my rest day(s) because I try to plan something fun to keep my mind quiet.

How do you go about finding your “rest” day? Try planning it the same day every week so that you get in the habit of taking time off.  It will give you something to look forward to. Also, it’s ok to rest more than one day a week.  It happens. When you’re sick or going on vacation take that time to rest, your body won’t lose it’s fitness level in a week. You’ll be fine. Find non-workout activities to keep you busy. Here are ideas that work for me:

1.  Try  a non-exercise class, such as learning how to make macaroons or sharpening your welding skills
2.  Head to your local DSW clearance rack and try on tacky shoes
3.  Read a book
4.  Sleep in late and have an easy morning
5.  De-clutter your house
6.  See a movie, concert or play
7.  Just sit at the pool and read trashy magazines
8.  Garden or do other yardwork
9.  Volunteer
10.Get a manicure or pedicure or both

We all need a break. Take it!  Your workouts and your health will benefit if you do!

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