I’m currently a personal trainer, a baker and a writer. For 26 years I worked in TV, but by the end  of 2017 I wanted to end this journey and go a different route. So, I decided to take the leap of faith that many other’s have taken and pursue what  I love.

I’m hardcore about my passions.  I’m young at heart and love to play.  Music, food, multi-sport racing and helping others is what I love the most. My blog is not only about my true passions but what’s on my mind.  Never political, usually subjects that have to do with self-care, how to make tasty, healthy food and what to bake.  I’m happy you’ve decided to join me on my new adventure.  I hope that I can inspire you to follow your heart as well.

8 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for asking that question. Start with the basics salt and pepper. I also love oregano, thyme and dill. They are big staples in my spice drawer. For example, i love dill and capers with Brussel Sprouts. Or oregano on grilled squash and peppers. Hope, this helps.

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