The Best Tuna Sandwich

I love a good tuna sandwich. Even when as a kid. I always ate the classic way: Mayo, pickles, maybe some add-ons like hard boiled eggs or even some red onion on some kind of store bought bread. Classic, basic, still good. Then I found Italian tuna packed in olive oil at the deli, TOTAL GAME CHANGER! This sandwich is so good, I always want it. The best part, no pickles and no mayo. Just good crusty bread and ingredients that made my tuna sandwich grow up!


2 Slices crusty bread, sour dough works, toasted

1 -2 Tsp. Trader Joes Italian Pepper Hot Bomba Sauce

1/2 Can Italian Tuna Packed in olive oil

1 Slice Roasted Red pepper, torn in pieces

2 Slices Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Handful of Arugula

Olive oil


This is an easy sandwich build. Lightly spread the Hot Bomba Spread on both slices of Toast. Flake the tuna on bread, add the roasted peppers, then cheese, then arugula Finish with a drizzle of Olive Oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Place the other piece of toast on top and press down just to make it manageable to eat.

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